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Continuing The Spirit Online : Summer Dance Camp 2020 Wrap Up

Summer Dance Camp 2020: #ShortcutToHappiness was held completely online during 16th-23rd October 2020. Inviting 9 international choreographers across borders, hosting 12 workshop classes, and a lot of excitement over the screen, this Summer Dance Camp has been as fun as it was challenging. 


As an annual event, SDC 2020 had a lot of the regular components. Collabonation classes where a teacher from Gigi Art of Dance and an international partner collaborate together in a workshop is still held, with 8 different genres and partners. SDC 2020 had Cannon from USA collaborating with Ms. Suzy in Krump, Jinghan from Fuxion Malaysia with Mr. Aldhy in K-Pop, Bri Hawk from USA with Ms. Alisa in Contemporary, PunchBunny from South Korea with Ms. Elly in Locking, Faris from Malaysia with Ms. Sharon in Choreography, Subastian from Singapore with Ms. Karina in Special Needs class, Char Lotte from Belgium with Ms. Ufa in Commercial Choreography, and Ms. Andara from Germany with Ms. Gigi collaborating in Lyrical. An international workshop by a choreographer is still held, this time by Jung, a dancer for the massively popular K-Pop group BTS. A special kids camp for K-Pop is still held, although condensed into a single 3-hour class. And on top of that, a lot of free live classes by GAOD students and exciting events. Only this year, it’s all done virtually, with workshop classes done through Zoom and free live classes done through Instagram live.


On top of all of these regular events, a special Online Solo Dance Competition was held during this time as well. Garnering over 70 participants spread over 5 different categories, the competition was very fierce and introduced a special rule, asking the participants to incorporate their creativity and concept into the product. The end result was an incredible array of talents from all over Indonesia. 


A new special set of classes titled Body Mind and Soul classes, focused on bringing happiness to the body through physical activation, was also held. Collaborating with Pilatesia for a special Pilates class and Bodyfit for an exciting Zumba class, the new program brought new people through the happiness in moving your body. This new program was ended with a very special Meditative Dance Class by our own Paulina Pungky.


All these events culminated in a final showcase, where the result of every class during the event is shown, guest performers from crews all around the world including Kaeden Trinh (AUS), Playcrew (JKT), and The School of Movement (JKT), performed their best and sent their birthday wishes to us, and it was all streamed live this year through Youtube Live. The showcase presented the new challenge of not only making a virtual stage, but also running it smoothly. Fortunately, with great training from the teachers, great discipline from the students, and great teamwork from the staffs, the event went smoothly and closed off the whole event with a bang. 


Summer Dance Camp 2020: #ShortcutToHappines proved once again that tenacity and faith in the arts pays off. This event managed to reach and invigorate again students, families, and communities by turning the challenge of virtual connection into an opportunity of a once in a lifetime event. Dance continues to be the shortcut to happiness that we all need during these tough times, by proving ourselves to be even tougher and happier. 


Watch the results of each class in their own videos in this playlist!

Or watch the entire showcase here!