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CSTD Graduation and Classes Showcase

CSTD Graduation and Classes Workshop

Ending August 2017, 33 of our students took the CSTD Modern Jazz and Contemporary Technique Exams, from Grades Pre-Modern Jazz til 5th, and well as Level Foundation Contemporary and Level 1.
CSTD, or The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing, offers many programs and syllabus from Modern Jazz, contemporary, Theatrical, Tap, and many more. The exam was held in our studio and out students were examined by lovely Mrs. Richards from Melbourne, Australia.

Following the arrival of the results, the first GAoD CSTD GRADUATION was held on November 26th 2017 to celebrate the passing grade of all the students and the receiving of the results, trophies, medals, and pins. The show also showcased all the classes of Gigi Art of Dance in medleys. Not only performances happened, but the new Gigi Art of Dance website was launched as well! With information about schedules, teacher, previous and upcoming events, the website was toured on screen for all audience to see.
We are happy to know that our students have finished their exam with flying colors, and we are looking forward to the next year and new grades each one of them will begin and achieve.


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