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The premiere class of Gigi Art of Dance, this class is a special space for students to explore and learn more about contemporary dance. From the history of the movement, contemporary techniques from the modern dance pioneer such as Horton

Taking cues from contemporary techniques and movements, traditional dances are taken into a more modern form. Their traditional inspirations and concepts of life is framed with movements and techniques of contemporary jazz, creating a unique combination exclusively found in Gigi

By combining hip-hop grooves with contemporary hits, Street Contemporary takes the best of both street and contemporary dance techniques and combine them into a unique combination that is both strong yet fluid and graceful at the same time. (Open Class)

Loving the blitz and glitz of musical theatre? Join this class! As a whole package, the class not only includes the foundation jazz movements and Broadway flairs, but also courses in acting and vocal exercises. It takes a lot of

The moves of your favorite idol are not only for your screens. This class will teach you not only the choreographies of your favorite songs, but also how to lipsync to the song and rock the technique of each movement