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Fantastic February: Body Exploration, Urban Drilling, And A Camp Of Challenging Growth.

 by Reba Aryadi


In February 2020, Gigi Art of Dance had the opportunity to host 3 young and fantastic international teachers, each trained and shared their own expertises. Naomi Leung from Hong Kong, trained in multiple contemporary techniques, invited the students in Dance Lab Exploration to delve into their primal physical expressions. Peter Isaac Koh, noted dancer, teacher, and choreographer from Melbourne, held a workshop that was fun and challenging for all levels. Jakub Chocholski from Poland, owner of a dance studio in his own right, held a successful workshop and camp that managed to challenge students to a higher level of dancing. 

Naomi came to Gigi Art of Dance through a friend’s recommendation, based on the studio’s supportive ambience and environment for learning and sharing. Recently off a run of HK Disneyland’s Beauty And The Beast stage show, she invited the students to get in touch with their own body expressions in an exploration and improvisation class. She taught techniques focused on allowing the body to express and get in touch with sentiments and movements that specifically express the emotions inside. Students in the class got to experience a fully trained class that also allowed them to get in touch with the many connections within their own bodies.

Peter was recommended to link up with Gigi Art of Dance through a network of Indonesian dancers’ from Melbourne. As part of his trip to Indonesia, Peter decided for Gigi Art of Dance as part of his teaching leg of the trip. Choreographer and teacher for many notable crews and studios in Melbourne, his skills were obvious from the moment he started his class. Through drills of hip-hop techniques and movements, and a very intensive choreography that also trained performance on top of the drills, Peter challenged the packed class to push their limits and enjoy what they’re doing, fully. 


Cuba, which is what Jakub Chocholski is often called, made connections with Gigi Art of Dance’s Artistic Director, Mrs. Gianti Giadi, during her study trip to New York City, USA. Owner of Studio La Flaca in Poland, Cuba’s training as a jazz and contemporary dancer and his two talented students supporting him during classes allowed him to share an intensive learning curve for the students in his workshop and camp. His keen sense and soft-spoken yet commanding bearing allowed the student to feel comfortable in his class, yet at the same time challenged to master the many techniques that he shared and his unique movements. During three days, his camp produced a full 3-minute choreography that was powerful, commanding, and touching. 


Throughout these three classes, there was an overwhelming sense of realization that the world of dance is perhaps made wondrous by the simple human fact of camaraderie. Dance, in its purest form, connects people through an honest expression of the body, mind, and soul. As something that Gigi Art of Dance has always pursued in its 10-years of activities, it is perhaps a sign of universal acknowledgment that these three talented young dancers chose to share their knowledge and time to Gigi Art of Dance. By always ensuring that we stayed honest, supportive, and committed to bringing the best in each and all of our students, Gigi Art of Dance has gained the trust of these international dancers. It is an edge that we realize must be kept and upheld as we move on forward into the tumultuous year. 


2020 has been off to a rocky start with the natural disasters and plague all over the world, that much is undeniable. However, Gigi Art of Dance is committed to weather through the rough challenges by staying the same warm and supportive environment for anyone and everyone to grow through dance. We thank Naomi, Peter, and Cuba for their time and knowledge shared in our journey to being our best selves, and we wish them all the success and health in the future. Times might be tough, but there will always be a #ShortcutToHappiness, and Gigi Art of Dance will be there to help you reach it. 


Photos and videos from Peter Isaac Koh’s workshop can be found here. 

Photos and videos from Jakub Chocholski’s camp and workshop can be found here. 

Jakub Chocholski’s choreography will be showcased on our Youtube page and on the main stage of Family Dance Day 2020, 5th April in Gandaria City. Don’t miss it!