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Join our online classes and keep healthy at home with these simple steps!


1. Have A Look At Our Classes!

Read our whole list of Classes, find their videos on our Instagram and Youtube, and choose the class that you'd like! If you're unsure, you can always send us a message on Instagram and ask what it's about!

2. Sign Up!

Contact our admin via Whatsapp, give them your contact information and the class that you wish to join, and they'll inform you on how to make the payment and confirm your registration!

3. Get Your Zoom!

We'll be sending you an invitation to the Zoom meeting 1 hour before the class starts, so make sure that you've received the invitation, download Zoom on your phone or laptop, and join the waiting room for the class 10 minutes before the class starts! A GAOD Admin will be on standby in the classroom to help and assist you with any technical difficulty you may have!

Rp. 150.000 / Single Class

*current price for August 2020.<br /> *prices may be subject to change at any point without prior notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why dance with Gigi Art of Dance?

During these times, we’ve always believed in our role as a home for all dance artists and enthusiasts. That’s why we focus on offering safe, supportive environments to dance in, under teachers that are not only challenging but also nurturing, focused on individual growth of every student in our class.

So you’ll get to feel at home with, be sure that you’ll learn under great teachers, and get personalized feedback and response from them!

What will I get with the price?

Open classes in Gigi Art of Dance are an hour-long, and each teacher will have their own unique approaches specific to the genre they’re teaching. Each class will include a warm-up, some techniques, and ending with a choreography. Pay close attention when the class starts to know how it will be run!

The focus of open classes are introducing the specific dance genre and familiarizing with the possibilities within, so the choreography will be focused on making your body familiar with the style.

I've paid for class but can't come suddenly. Can I get a refund/replacement?


Contact our admin and let us know why and how you would like your exchange would be. We will be able to refund your class within 2 working days at the fastest, but please let us know if you would like to change to another class 30 minutes before your intended class starts. Requests given too close to the class time may not be accomodated.

What's with the price?

During these hard times, we understand that the price might be an issue to some. But please also keep in mind that we’re trying our best to balance everyone’s interest. Most of our teachers only depend on their teaching for income, and we’ve ensured that all of them are ready to handle this online shift. We believe in valuing their contribution and efforts as much as yours, so this price is set to ensure that you’ll get the best dance experience you can under the best teachers in Gigi Art of Dance, even from the comfort of your home!