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Gigi Dance Company Celebrate New Year 2018 with Grand Hyatt

For the second time, Gigi Dance Company celebrated the end of 2017 and the dawn of 2018 at Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta, dancing 6 performances for the Grand Hyatt New Year Eve celebration.
With the theme of Hollywood Glam the company performed 6 dances that lit up the evening with glam, pizzaz, drama, singing, and epic finales. Every dance was unique with concepts picked from famously known films and musicals, from The Greatest Showman, Singing in The Rain, James Bond, Lala Land, and the timeless Charlie Chaplain performed on a two story stage.

This year, the company was fortunate to have 4 choreographers, two internal from the company itself, and two international Choreographers from Singapore; Shah and Kamil Ahmad, each of whom pushed the company with their unique flavors and challenging choreographies. The night was finished off with a LED suit countdown heralding the dawn of 2018, a shower of confetti, a drop of balloons, and an explosion of fireworks! An epic end of an old year and a memorable beginning of a new year.