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K-Pop Day 2020 KAJA!! Our Celebration Of The K-Pop Wave


With the rising buzz around, who are we to deny the wave? Gigi Art of Dance jumped head first and held our annual K-Pop Day 2020, themed KAJA in Plaza Indonesia on Sunday, 2nd February 2020. 


As an annual event, K-Pop Day showcases the students in K-Pop classes covering their favorite songs. However, K-Pop Day 2020 KAJA also opened a public K-Pop cover competition, this year starting at the Rookie level. The event was held, organized, and attended by excited students and parents from Gigi Art of Dance and joined by 4 talented teams. The judges were our very own Mr. Aldhy, teacher of the K-Pop classes and coach of our competitive cover teams, Nin9 and NayeG, along with Iman Suryadi, founder and choreographer of the renowned I’Generation team. 


The event was held to an excited audience, lighting up the AtriumON4 of Plaza Indonesia with cheers and shouts of excited students and supporters of the performances. All 6 K-Pop classes performed in medleys, alongside special performances of 4 competitive teams from Gigi Art of Dance, which are Team A, Team O, Naye G and Nin9. The competition lit up with interesting rookie teams giving it their all, from the elegant and smooth Crisiant opening the competition, excited first time competitive team Sunrise, an all-kids team The Dream Girls giving their all, and a throwback to classic K-Pop charm from No Limit. The show closes with a special combined performance from Naye G, Nin9, and G.O. giving it their first time spin on K-Pop covers. 


The ranking of the winners are as follows:

4th. Sunrise

3rd. Crisiant

2nd. No Limit

1st. The Dream Girls


It was an exciting afternoon with a great audience, supportive parents and excited students giving it their all. K-Pop Day 2020 KAJA not only was a beginning of K-Pop competitions held by Gigi Art of Dance, but also served as a medium for students to practice their eventmaking skills by assuming a lot of the pivotal roles in the event. We hope that this would promote more student involvement in the future and allow them the opportunity to learn more than just dance in Gigi Art of Dance. Kamsahamnida, annyeong!