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Gianti Giadi

Nick Name: Miss Gigi
Type of Dance: Contemporary, Contemporary Jazz, Broadway Jazz (singing, acting, dancing), Traditional Contemporary
Specialize : Kids, Teen, Adult
3 Best Achievements:
> Won Most Promising Work in 2012 & Most Popular Work in 2015 in Sprouts Asia Choreography Competition, Singapore
> Chosen to be the representative of performing arts sector by the ministry of Tourism and creative Industry of Indonesia.
> Recipient of Young Achiever award by HerWorld magazine in 2015 and most inspiring woman by Sulhwasoo in 2016.
> Chosen to be TEDXAPU Speaker in 2017, Japan.
Dance Education:
> Trained in Modern Jazz and Contemporary CSTD, Australia.
> Trained in RAD Ballet
> Undertake training and workshops in Hiphop, Jazz Funk, Singing, Acting, Dance Education, Creative Movements, Urban.
> Went to America Dance Festival to receive training and auditions under 100 frontrunners contemporary company in 2008
> Trained in Horton under Joey Chua, Trisha Brown under Ming Lung Yang and Martha Graham Dancer and Ticky (SG).
> Trained in Asian contemporary dance training under Albert Tiong from Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, Australian Technique under Jaime Redfern and Doris Humprey technique under Caren Carino
> BA (Hons) in Dance from Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore.

Margiana Dwi Ariani

Nick Name: Miss Ii
Type of Dance: Contemporary, Jazz, Traditional Contemporary
Specialize for : Kids, Teen, Adult
3 Best Achievements:
> 1st place APDC CSTD Competition Singapore 2014
> Winner of Dance Prix Competition
> Dancer of Matt Stefanina for YouTube Fan Fest 2017
Dance Education:
> CSTD Jazz Currently Grade 5
> CSTD Contemporary (Currently Level 3)
> RAD Intermediate Foundation

Ufa Sofura

Nick Name: Miss Ufa
Type of dance: Urban, Ladies Style
Specialize for: Teen, Adult
3 Best Achievements:
> Dance Cinema @ Galeri Indonesia Kaya
> Delapan Hitungan @ iMove Festival
> Scholarship to Urban Dance Camp by Unicharm
Dance Education:
> Urban Dance Camp, Germany
> MDC Certificate Program, Los Angeles
> Dana Foglia Dance Intensive Program, Los Angeles

Suzy Bittner

Nick Name: Miss Suzy / Hype-O
Type of Dance: Hiphop
Specialize for: Kids and Teens
3 Best Achievements:
> Urban District 102: Jakarta BattleGround #3 - Hiphop 1on1 - WINNER
> Gatsby Dance Competition - Jakarta Regional Winner
> 16 Dance Challenge 2016 (Singapore) - Selected Dancers to perform with Honey J (KOR) and Z. Sun's (KOR)
Dance Education
> CSTD: Contemporary Level 2 - Honours Plus
> CSTD: Contemporary Level 1 - Honours Plus
> CSTD Modern Jazz Grade 3 - Honors
> CSTD Modern Jazz Grade 2 - Honors Plus
> CSTD Modern Jazz Grade 1 - Honors Plus
> Gigi Art of Dance: Contemporary Jazz Intermediate 2 - Distinction
> Gigi Art of Dance: Contemporary Jazz Intermediate 1 - Distinction
> Gigi Art of Dance: Hiphop Intermediate - Credit
> Learning from Japan Trip with Kyogo, Dominique (WCO), Moto, Miki Emura, Hanafi (WCO), etc

Eva Prima Wardhani

Nick Name: Miss Eva
Type of dance you teach: Broadway Jazz
Specialize for : Kids
3 Best Achievements:
> Honorable mention Asia Pacific CSTD competition
> Scholarship Broadway Intensive Program YES Academy ASEAN
> 3rd winner for contemporary group category Dance Prix Indonesia
Dance Education:
> CSTD Australia Certification for Jazz & Contemporary

Karina Syahna

Nick Name: Miss Karina
Type of Dance: Contemporary, Hiphop, Kpop
Specialize for: Kids, Teen
3 Best Achievements:
> Indonesia Represent at SWAGGOUT 4 & 5 (Sgp)
> World Dance Alliance 2014 (Sgp)
> Dancer for Jessie J, OMI, 1Million Dance Studio (Korea)

Reba Aryadi

Nick Name: RBA, Bach
Type of Dance: Traditional, Contemporary, Ladies style, Hip Hop, Waacking
Specialize for: Teen, Adult
3 Best Achievements:
> Best Choreography, Union House Awards (winner 2016, nominee 2017), University of Melbourne
> iMove Choreographer 2014
Dance Education:
> MA Arts and Cultural Management, University of Melbourne
> CSTD Contemporary (Level 1)
> GAOD Contemporary Jazz Intermediate1

Aldianto Fitrawan

Nick Name: Mr. Aldhy
Type of Dance: Urban, Kpop, Ladies and Contemporary
Specialize for : Teen, Adult
3 Best Achievements:
> 1st Winner Best Choreography Choreonite 2015
> 1st Winner Best Choreography Choreonite 2016
> 2nd Winner Best Concept Choreonite 2012
Dance Education:
> Contemporary Jazz (Advance)
> Hiphop (Intermediate)
> CSTD Contemporary (Level 3-on going)

Shania Kyra Rumamby

Nick Name: Miss Kyra
Type of dance you teach: Krump, Contemporary, Hip-Hop
Specialize for: Kids, Teen
3 Best Achievements:
> Best Choreography Choreonite 2019
> Rank 6th w/ G.O on Arena Dance Competition, Singapore
> Best Director & Best Production The 22nd LSPR Theatre Festival

Ra Magia Rachmat

Nick Name: Ms. Rara
Type of Dance: Urban, Hip-Hop, Krump
Specialize for: Kids, Teen Best Achievements:
> Student of The Year, Choreonite 2019
> Champion of The Floor Throne 2019 (Reppin: G.O)
> 1v1 New Gen Battle Runner Up in Battle: Mode On 2019

Maria Christina Pritasari Hutagalung

Nick Name: Miss Prita
Type of dance you teach: Contemporary, Jazz
3 Best Achievements:
- One of the dancers in Roof Response (Danh Vo’s Roof Garden Commission) at National Gallery Singapore
- Winner of the 1st Indonesia Dance Prix 2015
- First place in 16th CSTD Asia Pacific Dance Competition, Singapore Dance education:
- BA (Hons) Dance (Contemporary) from Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds UK
- Diploma in Dance from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore
- CSTD Contemporary (currently level 3)

Andrea Syifa Emeralda

Nick Name: Ms. Andrea
Type of Dance: Hip-Hop
Specialize for: Kids Best Achievements:
> 1st Place Floor Throne comp with G.O
> 1st Place Regeneration Dance Comp with G.O
> 4th place Choreonite Solo Comp 2019

Alika Wara Dewanti

Nickname: Alika
Genre: Hiphop & Krump
- 1st Place Etoile Dance Competitions (with G.O)
- 2nd Place Swiss German University's competition ``Creative Arts Against Sexual Harassment`` (with G.O)
- Ranked 6th in Arena Dance Competition, Singapore (with G.O)
- 1v1 Runner Up in Battle: Mode On