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2020 KALEIDOSCOPE : A Journey Through The Most Interesting Year

2020 has left an incredible impact on our lives, changing almost every aspect of our everyday habits and actions. To Gigi Art of Dance, this was also a challenging year where one of dance’s biggest aspect, physical presence, has been severely limited. Thankfully, through the cooperation and commitment of families of students, teachers, and staffs, we have navigated through it safely and successfully. 


The first two months of the year started off as normal, we engaged in shows and prepared events for the rest of the year. However, right in the middle of March we were thrown into quarantine and had to change almost all of the plans and strategy we made. We started experimenting with online classes before finally settling into Zoom and making sure all our classes are run the best and smoothest. We started creating online events in the middle of the year, leading up to the big year-end showcase. And we’re proud to announce that some of our annual events were able to be translated into online form, including Summer Dance Camp 2020 that involved a lot of international guests. 


#ShortcutToHappiness was an amazing theme to continue through a tough year. We have dance to keep us happy and spirited through the year, through so many hardships and changes. And in a year as hard as 2020, we succeeded to get through by holding on to dance as our way to keep our happiness.


Thank you so much from all of the staffs, teachers, and students of Gigi Art of Dance for being with us this year. Join us as we celebrate 2020 in this video recapping all the things that happened during our year of 2020!


See the full video on our Youtube page, click here!