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A Night Before Emotion: Somerset Grand Citra

E-Motions is Gigi Art of Dance’s annual dance musical performance, combining all of the 35+ classes into a show that presented the singing, acting, and dancing talents of all of the students. E-Motions 2019 brought the theme of Plastic Fantastic, highlighting the damaging future of unchecked plastic usage in our daily lives. The story was told through different classes choreographies, original music and songs, and an incredible set designed on reusing plastic usage from the students. The performance was held on 3rd of March 2019, in Ciputra Artpreneur Theatre.

The teachers of Gigi Art of Dance had the incredible opportunity of staying in Somerset Grand Citra after the long arduous hours of the grand rehearsal on the 2nd of March. We checked in late at night, at 11PM, after the rehearsal has finished, and was greeted by a very helpful front desk staff. Our tiredness had made us quite loud, but the front desk staff handled us with a very bright approach and assisted our check in very easily. We go up to our tower and found our apartment nestled in a corner quite easily.

The newly-renovated apartment was a spacious and lovely space, with one king bed, en suite bedroom, a queen-bed bedroom, and and single-bed bedroom. The apartment was spotless, thanks to our cleaner who left a very friendly note in the entrance table (thank you, pak Suharyanto!). The room was furnished very nicely, with comfortable beds we immediately sink into for a few minutes and very spacious bathrooms. We had a bathtub, a luxury we had sorely missed and the more flamboyant of us (well, me) immediately took a very much needed personal time in it.

Moreover, the apartment was well-equipped with amenities and utilities, perfect for a travelling group or family but more than enough for us tired teachers. Alisa, our ever classy ballet teacher, brewed herself a cup of tea upon arriving while the rest of us contemplated on cooking in the kitchen with the complete equipment before deciding on a pizza party instead. The close proximities to shopping malls and electronic stores, plus the wonderful access to the main road, made it easy for us to get some late supper and last-minute preparations for the show the next day as well. We set the dinner table with the complete dining set and had a wonderful time reclining on the comfortable sofa, watching a detective show in the big TV in the spacious living room while having a good time getting to know each other better and unwinding after the long day.

We spent a very comfortable evening in Somerset Grand Citra, and while we had wished for more time to enjoy all the luxuries offered, the apartment was perfect for our needs and went beyond our expectations in offering a much-needed rest for our minds and bodies. We bonded with each other, had a great dinner in the wonderful space, took a fulfilling rest, and went to our performing venue with ease the next day. E-Motions 2019: Plastic Fantastic was a great performance, and we could not have achieved that level of success without the generous support of our sponsors. Somerset Grand Citra and its entire staff and facilities was a great support for our show. Thank you, and we hope to stay with you again soon!


Somerset Grand Citra

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