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Choreonite Vol. 7 #Call to Action

Choreonite is Gigi Art of Dance’s platform for aspiring choreographers to develop and grow their artistic vision in making choreography. This year it was held at Balairung Sapta Pesona, Ministry of Tourism Jakarta, on 12 May 2018. Up through the first Choreonite until Vol. 6 it was exclusively for Gigi Art of Dance members only, but this year Vol. 7 was open for public for the first time! The competition required all participants (choreographers and dancers) to join four workshops provided by Gigi Art of Dance. Under the mentorship of Miss Gianti Giadi, the choreographers learned tasks and choreographic tools to assist them in expanding their method of choreographing as well as in exploring movements.

A total of 16 choreographers participated in the competition, each choreographer presenting their own concepts, ideas, and genre.
Besides the competing pieces, all the Gigi Art of Dance Classes were featured in the usual Class Medley, showing all the styles, talents, and students Gigi Art of Dance, with dances created by all the teachers.

With judges from Singapore (Ahmad Kamil), and India (Arudhra) to help our artistic director Mrs. Gianti Giadi to decide the winner, the 4 winners of the night went to;
El-Storm winning Best Choreography
Aldhy Fitrawan winning Best Concept
Paulina Pungky winning Best Costume
Ferta Aromanty winning Most Improved And Dedicated Student

Thank you to all the supports and sponsors for helping us make the event happen.
Hope to see you in our next Choreonite!