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Choreonite Vol. 8 : Elevating The Standards Through Upcycling

At the end of the evening, the judges’ choices are announced, the audience applauded, the pictures are taken, and then everyone goes home. But in the spirit of Choreonite, it’s not the prizes that makes the event’s worth, and everyone goes home a winner. 

Choreography Nite is an annual event by Gigi Art of Dance that was created in order to promote choreography making spirit within Gigi Art of Dance students, allowing students a special opportunity to create and express their concepts through dance, programmed through mentorship and training to ensure growth for their choreographic skills. A lot of previous participants join Choreonite for their first time choreographing and the program is designed to be accessible at any age or level of training. 

Choreonite Vol. 8, held in Graha Bhakti Budaya on Sunday 22nd December 2019, continued that spirit as it opened new branches in the competition. For the first time, Choreonite includes a soloist category for Kids (under 13) and Adults on top of the constant group category, offering a special opportunity for the students to explore a different avenue of performance with guided mentorship from Mrs. Gianti Giadi and Lady Badraw. Growing from its last iteration as well, the show was held in two sessions with different performances and competitors showcased in each show, as a result from Gigi Art of Dance’s recent growth thanks to rising interests. The show’s theme of Upcycling, continuing Gigi Art of Dance’s 2019 theme of Environmental Awareness, became a central part of the competitors’ pieces and creation process. 

The show also included the usual medley of almost all of Gigi Art of Dance classes and special showcases of recent efforts. Choreonite Vol. 8 included an awarding ceremony for students passing the recently held Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD) exams, performances by two special Short Courses in Waacking and Krumping, a showcase from all four of Gigi Art of Dance’s flagship crews (G.O., Lil G.O., G-Troupe, and Naye G), and a collaboration effort between differently-abled students from Gigi Art of Dance’s G-Star and Metta School from Singapore. 

The competition for this year was judged by a spectacular array of judges, with noted Indonesian choreographer Sandree Ha and one of Singapore’s best teachers Marcus Leong judging for all categories, alongside Gigi Art of Dance’s own Lady Badraw judging for the Kids Category and Mrs. Gianti Giadi judging the Adult and Group Category. The judges noted the excellence in the competing students, with Marcus applauding the level of skill and bravery that the students showcased, especially in such young ages, and Sandree remarking Gigi Art of Dance’s perseverance in constantly creating platforms for students to create and express that elevates the standard of dancing in Jakarta.

The winners of Choreonite Vol. 8 are as follows:

  • Kids Solo Category
    • Syifa Dion as Champion
    • Zatara Mandey as Runner Up
  • Adult Solo Category
    • Agnes Metta as Champion
    • Kimiandra as Runner Up
  • Group Category
    • Dima x Maura as Best Costume
    • Aldhy Fitrawan as Best Concept
    • Shania Kyra Rumamby as Best Choreography
  • Most Improved Students
    • Syifa Dion for Students under 13
    • Ra Magia for Students above 13

As the curtain closes on Gigi Art of Dance’s last event for 2019, the students are reminded once again that winning isn’t everything. Choreonite was held as a platform for learning first and foremost, and even the winners are pushed to continue learning with their prizes serving as support for that process. All of the competitors are applauded for their commitment to improve, and everyone is waiting to see them in the future. Competing, creating, expressing, improving as dancers and as people. 

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