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Dance Lab : A Journey In Composition and Exploration

Among the many classes in Gigi Art of Dance, Dance Lab has a special unique twist that offers a very different experience than other classes. But what is Dance Lab, and what makes it unique? 


Dance Lab is, as of 2020, a set of two classes focused on creating the next generation of choreographers and dance artists. Rather than teaching a set of movements or techniques, Dance Lab is focused mainly on creating and exploring, offering a space for students to expand their creativity in dancing. 


Dance Lab started in 2013 as Technique Class, generating the first generation of student-teachers now teaching in Gigi Art of Dance including Ms. Ii, Ms. Suzy, Ms. Elly, Ms. Sharon, Mr. Aldhy, Ms. Karina, and Mr. Reba. This class taught extensive western contemporary dance history and theory, alongside contemporary technique and other dance techniques. The class is fast-paced and focused on tasks and responsibilities, where each student has to create pieces every week, learn techniques for exams, and work together in a performance piece. The class took part in iMove 2013 for a piece called Bubbles, stitching together from tasks done by each student and creating a joint performance under the same theme. 


Dance Lab now consists of two different classes, Composition and Exploration. Dance Lab Composition is focused on teaching students new to choreographing and exploring physical movements the history and theories behind western contemporary dance. Dance Lab Exploration is based on more student independence, creating and sharing together by a similar trigger or cue for inspiration. 


Dance Lab Composition, recently opened in January 2020 and will be held every Wednesdays at 7-8PM, will be going through the western contemporary history, starting from Isadora Duncan, and slowly going through each contemporary pioneers and techniques that they started. Each month, the teacher will rotate between alumnis of the original Technique Class and focus on one pioneer or technique. Each student will be tasked with creating a piece each month, which will push them to create choreography in a supportive setting. 


Dance Lab Exploration, held every Fridays at 8-9:30PM, is designed to be as open and accessible to everyone, allowing students to jump in and create. Students will be pushed to create and explore as much as they can, thus requiring a higher level of commitment and knowledge than the Composition class. The class is more free and designed around cues and triggers based on notable creators in dance, including Remy Charlip that explored dance and children animation, and Paul Taylor that explored the focus on the characterization of dancers. 


Dance Lab was created as a place to explore and learn further, so push yourself and join the exciting world of choreography today! Both classes are open for public, but a specialized rate are available if you have joined other GAOD classes. Contact us for more info!

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