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Founded in 2011 by artistic director Gianti Giadi, Gigi Dance Company serves as a platform to create and present her signature artistic voice in Asian Contemporary dance, presenting works such as ‘Metamorphoses’ in Bali Arts Festival 2012, ‘The Art of Mind Control’ in Singapore, ‘In Pursuit of Beauty’ (which won Sprouts ‘Most Popular Works’ choreography competition in Singapore).
Besides making contemporary works, Gigi Dance Company also performed for Miss World in 2013, and is active in the local scene as a performing arts group for numerous advertisements and commercial projects for clients such as Allianz, Pocari Sweat, Le Mineral, Revlon, iBox, Pertamina & Mogu Mogu, just to name a few. Apart from that, they also perform for televised shows and live concerts such as RCTI, Net TV, SCTV, Maudy Ayunda’s Music Video ‘Haunted’, Rossa Concert ’21 dazzling years’ in 2017 and Krisdayanti concert ’Traya’ in 2015.
Gigi Dance Company constantly represents Indonesia overseas with performances in the Philllipines, USA, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Singapore and recently Paris, where they presented short musicals and various dances of Traditional Indonesia with contemporary flavor.


Gigi Dance Company’s vision is to create platforms for dancers and choreographers
to continue pursuing the performing arts.
We aim to ignite their passion and provide opportunities so as to open up a broader sense of understanding and unlock their possibilities in the performing arts world.
Our company's vision is to provide performances with artistic, educational and entertainment values.


The company is open for collaboration with different art form, ideas, groups/communities or even individuals in the spirit of creativity and growth. They collaborated
with Esmod for a fashion design runway called ‘Refugees’, Film Maker Andra Fembrianto’ for fiction dance film ‘Cayasukma’ and recently with jazz Musicians for the concert ‘Baduy Bersih’ with NES batik.


Grand Hyatt New Year Eve 2017

December 2017

Gigi Dance Company performed for Grand Hyatt Jakarta with Hollywood Glamour.

Singapore Tourism Board

September 2017

Gigi Dance Company performed for Singapore Tourism Board to promote Singapore Cultures and Tourism in Indonesia.

World Gas Conference Paris


Gigi Dance Company performed for World Gas Conference in Paris


November 2017

Gigi Dance Company Performed for Blibli.com event.

Rossa Concert

April 2017

Rossa: The Journey 21 Dazzling Years at JCC Plenary Hall Jakarta

Apresiasi Inovasi Koran Sindo

September 2017

Gigi Dance Company performed for Koran Sindo Anniversary in Jakarta.

Miss World 2013

October 2013

Gigi Dance Company performed for Miss World 2013.


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