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As part of our effort in re-opening the studio in August 2020, we are launching the promotional program #IHOPEYOUDANCE Week! This exciting promo will allow you to try out all of our classes for no cost at all!


#IHOPEYOUDANCE is a week from Monday-Saturday 3rd-7th August where all our classes are free of charge for a visit. Interested participants can fill in the form below to register for a trial! These classes are also a mark of our re-opening of the studio, where adult classes will be held offline! However, slots are very limited so if you’re interested in joining the class physically, you have to notify our admins first!! We hope that you try out our classes and register for one that you really like with all our other promos for August 2020 so you can start your #ShortcutToHappiness!


Students who want to join in our classes will also receive a special join rate if they recommend their friends through our Siswa Membawa Siswa program! Click here to learn more. 


Terms and Conditions:

  • Applicable for anyone!
  • No limitations for amount of class taken, but slots for offline classes are very limited (6 students max).
  • Only adult classes will be open offline, all classes are available online. 


Join now by registering here!