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Day 5 of JIS Lead Week with Ms. Elly

JIS LEAD WEEK: A Week In Dance

Day 1 JIS Lead Week with Mr. AldhyDay 5 of JIS Lead Week with Ms. EllyDay 2 of JIS Lead Week 2019 with Ms. Ii


As part of our Edudance program, Gigi Art of Dance took part in Jakarta Intercultural School’s Lead Week, a full week of classes in different vocations and professions to the students of Grade 11 on 9-13 December 2019. Gigi Art of Dance took part in offering dance classes to interested students for the whole week with a different genre in each day, giving a glimpse of the possibilities available for careers based in Dance. 


Edudance is Gigi Art of Dance’s program in working with schools and educational institutions, offering dance education at a high standard working in-line with the school’s aims and goals. Edudance itself aims to highlight further than just dance skills, but also open student minds to opportunities in life through dance. Our Edudance program has worked in projects including school recitals, theatre productions, and extracurricular activities, allowing students in different schools to see how fruitful and enriched a life with dance can be. 


The Edudance Program in JIS’ Lead Week was held for five days of the week, each day showcasing a different teacher from Gigi Art of Dance with their own different genres for a two-hour session. The first day on Monday was taught by Mr. Aldhy, teaching a K-Pop class with two choreographies, each from a boys and girls idol group, thus presenting the possibilities of expression that K-Pop can have. Tuesday’s class was filled by Ms. Ii and her exciting Jazz class, giving the students basic jazz techniques and ending with a feisty choreography. Wednesday’s class was taught by Ms. Sharon, following with her own brand of contemporary that allowed students to explore their emotions through movements. Thursday’s class was taught by Ms. Suzy, taking a departure to Hip-Hop that led students to groove and bounce to the music. The last class on Friday had Ms. Elly finishing off with her Locking class, introducing the students to the joys of funk and ending the week on a twirling high note. 


The space and time given to the students for a week allowed them the opportunity to fully explore each genre and gain as much as they can from the teachers. They had the opportunity to not only experience dancing physically, but also convey emotionally and explore what dance can give them. Hopefully this will lead to more opportunities for the students in the future and offer them a space for their creativity and sensitivity to grow.