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Keeping The Summer Spirits Blooming : Summer Dance Camp 2021 #TimeToBloom Wrap Up

There were many things that stood against dance events being held in 2021. Against a backdrop of a worsening pandemic landscape, plans and businesses had to move and change rapidly at the drop of a hat, including Gigi Art of Dance. Thankfully, through a combination of ingenuity, dedication, and ultimately the kindness of the community, Summer Dance Camp was another annual event that was able to be done.


Summer Dance Camp 2021 or SDC 2021 was successfully held from 26th June to 4th July, with over 22 classes and 100+ participants spread over Intensives, Workshops, Kids Camp, Collabonation, Instagram Live classes, and a Final Showcase and Studio Farewell, featuring an amazing lineup of international and local choreographers including Boby Ari Setiawan (IDN), Kiel Tutin (NZ), Xinuz (KOR), Lizz Picini (USA), Selene Haro (USA), Sun Phitthaya Phaefuang (THA), Kelsey Ang (HKG), and young and upcoming choreographers in our Collabonation classes including Jin (SGP), Chemmy (IDN), Sandree Ha (IDN), Mavin Z-Boys (IDN), Geri Krisdianto (IDN), Surge (PHI), and Shasya (MLY). 


The classes, originally planned to be a hybrid online-offline experience, became fully online as the sharp rise of COVID-19 cases led to a city-wide, then an island-wide lockdown in Java. However, the experience continued as excited participants attended the classes safely from their own homes. They continued the experience of learning various genres, from Locking, Commercial Choreography, to Voguing and Traditional Contemporary, all taught by teachers fully equipped to bring the full learning experience virtually. Classes were spread between 6-9 hour long Intensives, a special two-day Kids Camp, 3-hour Collabonation classes with two teachers, and shorter, 1.5 hours workshops for a taste of the genre. 


The Final Showcase, held on Sunday 4th July 2021, was also fully online, with all staff and students performing from their own homes. Thanks to the experience of 1 whole year performing and making shows from home, the team was well-equipped for the situation and designed a showcase that can go smoothly despite the distance. The Final Showcase was spread over 3 shows, much like a usual SDC flow, with regular classes in Gigi Art of Dance performing in the first two shows according to level, and the classes from Summer Dance Camp 2021 performing in the 3rd show. The showcase also presented 11 guest performers, including friends of GAOD such as Zeppo Youngsters, Play Crew, Organization XIII, Aziz Luminiq, Aldrin, EKI Dance Company, Inspyro Moves, The School of Movement, NIN9, Xtra Ordinary Movement, and NUS Dance BLAST!!.


A bittersweet sense enveloped the whole event, as SDC 2021 also marked the beginning of #HelpUsBloom. As the pandemic worsened, Gigi Art of Dance had to move out of the studio space that had been home for the past 5 years in June 2021. As the final digital curtains close on the 3rd show, Gigi Art of Dance is on the move for a new space that could become a permanent home. #HelpUsBloom became a call, as with the uncertainty that the pandemic brings, GAOD will need all the help that it can get to continue surviving. 


One thing remains certain, however, and that is Gigi Art of Dance’s dedication to providing a quality, safe experience of dance to everyone and anyone. We hope that through #HelpUsBloom, people can understand even more the value of arts education and youth development offered through the unique platform of dance and how Gigi Art of Dance needs to continue providing it to the community. Future events will be shaped with this call in mind, to engage and communicate the urgency even more, especially against a seemingly worsening pandemic condition here in Indonesia.  But even in the hardest of times, there will always be dance. And this remains a Gigi Art of Dance guarantee.


#HelpUsBloom through this link and find out how YOU can help! Gigiartofdance.carrd.co

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