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Meditative Dance: Inner Harmony For A Better You!

As part of our theme for this year, #ShortcutToHappiness, we are opening a new open class for everyone to attain deeper harmony with themselves, Meditative Dance Class with Paulina Pungky! She’s done a meditative dance course from March-May 2020, now her class is designed for an open class for anyone, with a dance background or not, to join and spend some time with their own inner selves! Here’s a full brief of the class from Miss Pungky herself:


A course designed to reconnect with our inner self, heart, and body. Balancing our energy flow to activate our natural ability for self-healing.


The human body is made up of millions of vibrating molecules forming energy when we are healthy. The vibrations can easily go out of tune when we experience physical or emotional stress, leading to disease manifestations. These energy can be restore before a physical disease occurs by regulating the energy flow.


For dancers, this course will help to fill in the moves with captivating energy for a magical presence on stage regardless of 

dance styles. With a solid energy flow we can expand the intensity of a dance movement with minimum effort, by sharing the expanded energy to the audience. 


This class is all about dancing with our own vibrations, befriend with our heart and soul. Letting our body be the dance.


The syllabus will cover flows of progressive meditative dance guide through breathing technique, raw movements, meditations, body parts movements, inner self conversation through movement, energy flow dance, and mindful dances through tuning our soul to the music and let it dance naturally. Self healing and group healing will be the utter outcome of the course. 


Time to give thanks to yourself! 

You survived life not because of anyone else, but you. It’s all you. The class will remind you how to hug yourself. How to love your heart. How to DANCE from the INSIDE out!




The class will start from 5th August, on every Wednesday, 8-9PM, and open for trials and visits as each meeting will be digging into new topics and practices! Join for its first class with our #IHOPEYOUDANCE Week Promo and register to our admin so you don’t miss out on this wonderful experience!!