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Meditative Dance : A New Class, Only For You!

As part of our campaign for 2020, we will be releasing dance programs and classes that are specially designed to bring happiness to everyone in a complete way. Our newest short course for this March 2020 has been designed to take you into a special journey, encouraging and empowering you to bring happiness from the inside, physically, mentally, and spiritually! #ShortcutToHappiness

As this short course is focused on a deeper exploration both mentally and physically, a certain maturity is requested of the participants. 21+ YEAR OLD ONLY.






When was the last time you listened to your own little voice inside?
When was the last time you gave thanks to your heart, your body, your mind, your soul?
When was the last time you hugged your own heart and said you love, you?


You survived life not because of anyone else, but you. It’s all you.

This meditative dance course will take us to understand ourselves more. Activating the power we all have within us to heal ourselves physically, and mentally.

We are all made up of vibrations. The human body is made up of millions of molecules that vibrate giving frequencies forming energy when we are healthy. The vibrations of the body can easily go out of tune when we experience physical or emotional stress.

Disturbed or blocked energy arise before disease manifests on a physical plane. It’s always best to restore these energy before a physical disease occurs. Even when physical disease has developed it may be possible to reverse it by renewing the energy. And this is what we will exercise together in the course.

Give ourselves a big thank you and love we all deserved.

The course will remind us that you are your own hero. Your own healer.