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  • Trial / Per Visit

    IDR 150.000 Per class
  • This price is valid for 1 meeting and 1 class only.

  • Member

    IDR 450.000 Monthly
  • If you want to take more than 1 class, the monthly fee will be multiplied by the number of classes you take.  

    IDR 500.000 for 1.5-hour classes (CJ Beg 2, CJ Inter 2, Broadway Adult)
    IDR 250.000 for Dance Lab Composition 

    Registration Fee: Rp. 400.000


  • Studio Rental

    IDR 150.000 Per Hour
  • Please contact our admin for more information regarding Studio Rent during COVID-19.
  • Private Online

    IDR 350.000 Monthly
  • Max 2 people, Price per hour.

    OFFLINE AVAILABLE: Rp. 500.000/hour