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Summer Dance Camp 2020 : #ShortcutToHappiness , our first ever Online camp series!

Welcome to Summer Dance Camp 2020 #ShortcutToHappiness!


GAOD Summer Dance Camp has been established since 2012 and this year will be our 8th SDC. Each year we have engaged up to 1000-2000 audience and more than 500 participants through various programs. Due to the pandemic this year, the event will be held virtually with collaborations from local and international choreographer and a wider range of participants! Take your pick from exciting collabonation classes between GAOD teachers and their international friends, join a special kids workshop for K-Pop or even join a dance cover video taught by an actual dancer from BTS, synchronize yourself and be happy in Body Mind and Soul classes, let loose in our free classes, or show your moves in our exciting online solo dance competition! Make sure you join this incredible international event and take part in our final showcase on October 24th!!



Gigi Art of Dance teachers collaborate every year with dancers from around the world to give an amazing class. Their classes will create a dance video that will be showcased in our final stage! With 8 classes of different genres, there’s a class for every interest and dancer!
Monday, 19 October 2020
Tuesday, 20 October 2020
Wednesday, 21 October 2020
Thursday, 22 October 2020
Friday, 23 October 2020



Join us for a very exciting dance cover video workshop with Jong!!
Jong is a dancer for BTS since 2018 on their stages such as KBS Music Bank, Seoul Music Awards,  and BTS music videos, including Boy With Luv, and IDOL!!
Jong will be here with us to teach BTS – Dynamite and YOU can be a part of a dance cover video directed by him! Jong has also taught in camps and workshops all around the world and judged for various freestyle and K-Pop competitions! Don’t miss out on this opportunity for direct learning from a K-Pop dancer!
This workshop is open for all ages and levels, and international participants! The dance cover video will also be showcased on 24 October 2020, so don’t miss out on your chance to shine!!

Wednesday 21 October 2020, 7-9PM



Here’s a special K-Pop workshop for kids everywhere!
Open for ages 7-13, miss Karina Syahna from GAOD and also a member of I’Generation will be teaching you a special cover dance video! As a teacher and dancer, she’s made a lot of K-Pop covers including KARD, Blackpink, and Itzy, and has taught for kids, adults, and special needs students for over 5 years! The cover dance will be recorded and presented it later during the showcase in 24th October 2020.
This is the perfect workshop for kids who are interested in K-Pop but no dancing experiences yet, so don’t miss out!

Friday, 23 October 2020, 4-7PM





 Body Mind and Soul series are classes designed to bring you the best version of yourself, through dance!

These classes will help you hone your body, calm your mind, and harmonize your soul through different ways of physical activities, designed for both dancers and non-dancers in mind. In line with our #ShortcutToHappiness theme, we believe that dance is the best and quickest way to achieve a complete happiness for yourself, so join us in this wonderful series and be the best YOU!

Sunday 18th October 2020
Saturday 24th October 2020
ZUMBA by Gita (BodyFit), 9-10AM
Sunday 25 October 2020
PILATES by Ferta Aromanty (Pilatesia), 10-11AM
MEDITATIVE DANCE by Paulina Purnomowati (GAOD), 8-9PM



Are YOU our next dance-at-home champion? Join our Online Solo Dance Competition and find out!!
Gigi Art of Dance’s Summer Dance Camp 2020 #ShortcutToHappiness is coming from 16th-25th October, and we have a special competition for you!
Sign up through bit.ly/GAOD-SDC2020BATTLE and submit your preliminary video by October 15th!! The winners will be decided through top 10 in a virtual showcase!!
Round 1: Preliminary Round
– Participants upload 1 min Dance Choreography on their IG (NOT IGTV)
– Can use any song (no explicit language allowed, clean versions only)
– Costumes must be age appropriate, not overly revealing
– No video editing or special effects, only song overlay.
– Tag judge of your category and @gigiartofdance
– Make sure your account is not private
– Use hashtag #SDCsolocompetition (+cate gory) for example, #SDCsolocompetitionkrump
(1) Must use a K-Pop song (remix ok) ‘
(2.) Combine the cover choreo with participants original choreo (must retain the identity of the idol)
Are you ready to become the best of the best?
Prepare yourself and showcase your talents!!



We will be holding free classes on our Instagram live as well! Hosted by members of our G-Crews, these classes will be great for you to jump in if you need a quick workout or refreshment in the weekend! On Saturday 17th October and Sundays 18th and 25th October, join us and hype up!
Saturday, 17 Oct, 10AM: G-Troupe x Naye G
Sunday, 18 Oct, 5PM: Lil’ G.O.
Sunday, 25 Oct, 5PM: G.O.


At the end of the Summer Dance Camps, we always have a showcase and now it’s going on-line! In place of our regular Gigi Art of Dance Online Showcase (GAOD ON-SHOW), we will be showing all the results of the workshops in Summer Dance Camp 2020 #ShortcutToHappiness! These will include:
1. Dance videos from all 8 Collabonation classes.
2. Dance cover video of BTS – Dynamite from Jong’s Workshop.
3. Dance cover video from Kids K-Pop Workshop with Karina.
4. Winner of the Solo Dance Competition.
5. Performances from our G-Crews.
And even more surprise showcases!!
The showcase will be on our Youtube page, on Saturday 24th October 2020 at 7PM!!