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#ShortcutToHappiness : Dancing For A Better You!


In her 1957 novel, “Theme for Ballet”, Austrian writer Vicki Baum wrote the immortal quote, “There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them!”. Since our beginning in 2009, Gigi Art of Dance has always held this quote close to heart and allowed it to shape our movement to our future, even until now. 


Gigi Art of Dance has always believed that dance is for everyone and in 2020, we want YOU to believe it too! We believe in how important happiness is for everyone, and that a complete happiness requires not just health but wellness, a balance between the body, mind and soul. So we chose dancing as a way for us to feel and spread happiness to the people around us! Our theme for the year 2020 is inspired by that quote from ballerina Vicki Baum, #ShortcutToHappiness !!!


As with every year, this means we’ll be designing our events, merchandises, and program around this theme. Our events and programs will be centered on finding wellness through dance, and allowing our participants to fully explore how to reach it through different ways and means of moving our bodies. 


We believe that happiness comes from different sources and affects different layers and different people. 


For kids, happiness in dance might come from being able to move to exciting music and wear awesome costumes! And don’t worry, we have a lot of exciting programs coming up soon!

But we know that our students are more than just kids. We have students that are teenagers and coming into terms with themselves, and we want them to know that we believe in them. Their identity is valid, and we hope to be able to support them in expressing themselves in the best ways that they can, through dance! 


Our more mature students know that happiness is more complicated, and might come with heavier costs. It involves more than just physical happiness, including mental, emotional, and spiritual happiness. That’s why we are planning a lot of collaborations and programs that would help you attain your best happiness through a holistic, complete way! We hope that you can choose to be with us, and we appreciate all that you’ve given to be with us this year. Thank you for dancing with Gigi Art of Dance!


We’re excited to bring you along on this journey towards better health and wellness. So stay tuned to our Instagram at @gigiartofdance and website here in gigiartofdance.id, and join us in our #ShortcutToHappiness !!!