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As part of our effort in re-opening the studio in August 2020, we are launching the promotional program Siswa Membawa Siswa! This exciting promo will bring you an exclusive discount by sharing your happiness through dance to others!


Siswa Membawa Siswa allows existing students to get discounts by bringing in new students during the month of August 2020. New students can write in their registration forms who referred them to join in Gigi Art of Dance, and the existing students will receive Rp. 50.000 off their next monthly fee per new student who they referred to!! This means, if you bring 2 new students, you’ll get Rp. 100.000 off, and so on! New students will also receive a 50% discount in their registration fee this way, making it easier for everyone to start their #ShortcutToHappiness through dance.


New interested students can also try out the classes first before registering within the #IHOPEYOUDANCE Week of free classes! Click here to learn more. 


Terms and Conditions:

  • Referred Students must be an active student in July 2020.
  • New students must not have previously joined or registered as postponing in July 2020.
  • Discount monthly fee will applied in the month after, so students registering in August 2020 will receive their discount in September 2020.
  • Promo works in multiples, so more discount will be received with more than 1 new student registering.


This promo has started NOW! So don’t miss out and start introducing people to their newest #ShortcutToHappiness through dance!!