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Summer Dance Camp 2019 – Broadway and Monologue

Sing, dance, and act! Broadway has been a favorite genre in Gigi Art of Dance since it’s opening in 2009, and now in its tenth year, the genre is still going strong in our classes and events, including Summer Dance Camp 2019!


Taking roots in a lot of other dance genres including tap, ballet, jazz, and contemporary, Broadway as a genre of class in Gigi Art of Dance incorporates singing and acting on top of the dancing. Students are trained on how to sing, act, dance, or even doing the three of them combined in a single piece of presentation. The class often presents a repertoire based or inspired by popular musical running on the Broadway stages of New York, or even create their own rendition of popular stories in musicals. 


In SDC 2019, there were three intensives highlighting Broadway that were held, one intensive focusing on Monologues, one intensive exclusively for kids to train their dancing skills, and one intensive for the adults. The Monologue intensive, taught by a long-time Gigi Art of Dance student and alumni, Rai Putriansyah, focused on how participants can maximize their skill in carrying a monologue, conveying the message and telling the story as clearly as possible. The kids and adult Broadway intensive was taught by Hui Xuan, a noted performer and mainstay of Singaporean musical stages and an alumni of Lasalle School for the Arts Singapore. Each intensive presented a dance number from a popular musical, the kids taking an exciting and high-energy jive from Footloose, and the adults taking on a slightly more risque but brave song, Everybody Say Yeah from the musical Kinky Boots. 


The intensives offered an interesting and more in-depth training of parts from the Broadway. The Monologue intensive is a unique experience, offering a very specific training on how to present monologues, that at the same time can be translated to broader necessities, including presenting a speech, public speaking, and other opportunities. The Broadway intensive for kids and adults offers a more age-appropriate content that embraces the participants while challenging them to upgrade their dancing and acting skills, performing while lip-syncing with the lyrics of the song. Both teachers are also alumni of performing art schools, ensuring their teaching skills that maximizes the participant’s chance to learn as much as they can. 


Both items were presented in the Summer Dance Camp 2019 Showcase in Gandaria City on 7th July 2019 to a cheerful audience, lighting up the night with their spirited performance. Keen to catch in on the performance or want to join future events? Stay tuned for videos and more info on our instagram page!

See the Broadway performance here and the monologue performance here.


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