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Summer Dance Camp 2019 – Collabonation

In the spirit of unity in diversity, a special course of classes are made in Summer Dance Camp titled Collabonation. Collabonation as a series highlights the talents of choreographers in Jakarta, specifically but not limited in Gigi Art of Dance, in creating and sharing their knowledge, especially in collaborating with other choreographers from outside of Indonesia. Collabonation functions both as a training for the choreographers in teaching, but also as a way to promote sharing between cultures and styles. 


This year, Summer Dance Camp 2019 offers six different classes in the Collabonation series. The first is a collaboration between Hype-O (Miss Suzy) and Aziz (SG), an intensive but fun Hip-Hop course for kids. The second is between El-Storm (Miss Elly) and KS (SG), a fun locking course open for any level of skills. The third is between HypeOut (Miss Suzy) and SouljaBeast (Glen, SBY), offering a cool and tough krump course. The fourth is between Aldhy and Sean Lee (MLY), a high-energy K-Pop collaboration course. The fifth is between Rara and Henry Vu (AUS), a smooth and soulful urban course. The sixth is a single-taught class by Hamada Abdool, one of Indonesia’s current leading pop choreographer giving a class in his trademark Jazz Funk style. The classes offered an interesting constellation of styles now available in Gigi Art of Dance, as well as giving a quick glimpse into the general landscape of popular genres of street dance in Jakarta and the larger Asia Pacific region. 


The classes themselves were interesting and challenging in many ways. Most of these choreographers are seasoned teachers, though they range in their experiences. These collaboration means that the choreographers must first gather between each of their pairing and discuss what they would plan to teach and create in the short time that they have with their participants. Furthermore, all Collabonation classes were designed to be taught within the 3-4 hour span and ready to be performed on the final Showcase of Summer Dance Camp 2019. This proved to be a unique challenge, as the choreographers must not only ensure that they teach enough basics and techniques to the participants, but also make a prepared and rehearsed piece by the end of that period. These are not easy challenges to handle for a class, especially stacked together.


As the Showcase proved, however, these choreographers really stepped up to the challenges. Each Collabonation class was able to present the unique flavors of their choreographers while offering a fruitful and engaging class to the participants. The pieces were solid, with their own gimmicks and appeals, thus offering a very interesting view for the audiences. Participants were also satisfied in the classes, especially as it offered many their first glimpse into the genre that they chose. Thus, Collabonation in Summer Dance Camp 2019 became a success for aiming its goals and overcoming its challenges through hard work, cooperation, and a lot of youthful spirits.


Watch Hype-O and Aziz’s piece here.
Watch El-Storm and KS’s piece here.
Watch HypeOut and SouljaBeast’s piece here.
Watch Aldhy and Sean Lee’s piece here.
Watch Rara and Henry’s piece here.
Watch Hamada Abdool’s piece here.


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