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Summer Dance Camp 2019 – Hip Hop

When you talk about street dances, you gotta talk about the OG. Back when it all started, Hip Hop was the umbrella that all the rejects and outcasts took shelter under. Music, fashion, dance, all sorts of artistic expression of the streets, all came together under the banner of Hip Hop. And you can’t go anywhere if you don’t know where you come from, y’know?


Summer Dance Camp 2019 had an intensive Hip Hop course, taught by Ben Yeo. A familiar name for Hip-Hop in the Southeast Asian scene, Ben Yeo is a teacher and choreographer based in Singapore. He teaches regularly in O School Singapore and has collaborated with Gigi Art of Dance on many educational projects before, including cultural exchanges on top of workshops and courses. With his grooves and musicality, his course promised an interesting challenge for participants of all levels. 


And what a challenge it was! Ben brought a very close-to-roots piece through his course, with simple choreography that was made challenging by the inclusion of big movements and coordinations in the body. The simplicity helped bring the attitude and feel of the piece forward, while the movements pushed the participants to move their bodies to bigger ranges while musicality and body control requires them to keep their coordination in check at all times. Being a trained and seasoned teacher, Ben also made the class comfortable and warm to all the participants by cracking jokes, even though inside sources have reported that he’s actually very shy in person. 


It was apparent from the end result that the course had been a success. Participants of the course performed on stage with a high level of confidence and enjoyment. The swagger and the charisma was obvious, and the audience enjoyed the performance immensely. Summer Dance Camp 2019 was aimed to introduce and offer the opportunity to experience different genres and learn new knowledge for the participants during the summer months and the intensive Hip Hop course was an excellent example of how that goal was achieved by the mix of willing participants, qualified teachers, and a great summer. 

Watch the performance here.

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