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Summer Dance Camp 2019 – Showcase



The main stay, the big deal, the major reason, this is the Showcase of Summer Dance Camp 2019!


An important part of Summer Dance Camp is the final showcase, where all the participants’ hard work are shown and appreciated by a public audience. After a long, grueling, intensive week of learning and training, the Showcase allows the participants to share what all that they have gained during the week to their friends, families, and public audiences. Started in 2013, the SDC Showcase has now become a platform for partners and friends of the Studio to showcase their talents as well, becoming a more open field for more collaboration and networking. Classes of Gigi Art of Dance also partake in a medley, showcasing what they have learned and allowing the audience a glimpse into the process of the class. 


SDC 2019 Showcase is our biggest yet, featuring 12 guest performers, 34 regular classes, and our Intensives and Workshops held during the Summer Dance Camp 2019. There will be performances by Trevor Takamoto (USA), a part of the Kinjaz Crew from LA, the Jakarta-based street communities, Jakarta Krump and Jakarta City Waacker, Rocket Crew from Bandung, K-Pop covers from FuXion (MLY) and Naye G and Nin9 (GAOD), Krump showcase from Glen Soulja Beast (SBY), Singaporeans representing in Hip Hop (Ben Yeo), Urban (Kamil), and Musical Theatre (Hui Xuan), Sun (Thai) from the House of Amazon bringing the house down in a Vogue showcase, and the Intensive courses from Traditional Contemporary, Ballet, Vogue, Krump, Contemporary, Urban, and more. You can get more variety in a buffet, but it’s going to be hard finding a showcase more delicious than this in this city.  


The showcase is now up on our official Youtube page. Watch the entire show there!



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