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YEAR END ONLINE SHOWCASE 2020: Answering Challenges With A Promise

2020 was never a regular year as we all know. So 2020 received a very special closing, from everyone in Gigi Art of Dance, fully realized and performed on everyone’s digital screen. Gigi Art of Dance Online Showcase Year-End Online Showcase 2020 or GOS YEOS 2020 was a special showcase on 19th December 2020 to wrap up the year that is 2020. The showcase allowed all of our students and teachers from 33 different classes to perform their best from the safety of their homes with very limited crews meeting in person. The show was split in two due to the size, where each showcase offered different classes and crews to the audience with equal quality and content. 


The process was as intensive as a proper big stage, albeit in different ways. From the beginning, the format and details of the show had to be carefully prepared and took weeks to finalize. Each class had to rehearse, not only for their own performance but also on the technical side with the stage manager and virtual DJ. Some classes who elect for a video performance had to submit their videos 2 weeks earlier from the show, while other classes are still rehearsing. And all of the staff were utilized to their maximum capacity, handling multiple roles before and during the show. It was a big challenge to organize.


But this showcase was a welcome challenge, as it offered a precious platform for the students to show how much they’ve learned even during this tumultuous year. Classes had to close and reopen, physical classes were very few and far in-between, if any were available, and teachers had to modify a lot of their teaching methods and content. But this was also the year where we all blossomed, learning new things like online streaming to content creation, utilizing the digital platform to reach even more students, and allowing a more even platform for everyone to come and join us in dance. This was the showcase to prove how much we’ve grown in 2020.


The end result was a whole day experience, with the first show running from 4-6PM and the second at 7-9PM. More than 200 students performed, live and recorded, more than 4000 audience combined tuned in to the show, and the staff and teachers were able to organize and run the event successfully. It was a mark of a great teamwork and dedication from everyone to keep the show running, no matter what the challenge was, a great ending to a year that had been less than great, and a promise to welcome the future with all its surprises through dance, our own #ShortcutToHappiness.